Sustainably produced PAP for pet food, feed and fertilizer

Sustainable role

At FAPRO we continuously make choices with sustainability in mind to play our part in maintaining a circular economy. We avoid depleting finite resources and raw materials by reintroducing residues into the system, specifically for pet food, (aqua)feed and fertilizer.

Thanks to our innovative and tightly controlled processing techniques, we produce nutrient rich products, better for both animals and soil. This, in turn, translates into food that is better for human consumption.

Our starting point:

  • Waste minimization
  • Nutritious products getting the most out of porcine byproducts
  • Lasting freshness, not just shelf life
  • Free of harmful additives

Sustainable products

Raw animal base materials for biofuel, pet food, animal feed and fertilizer have a much lower ecological footprint than vegetable base alternatives. This is logical, because it involves the revalorisation of bones, which would otherwise be simply waste, and it requires less farmland than the growing of crops for the same volume end product.

For the production of your alternative fuel, pet food, feed, and fertilizer, you can be sure FAPRO raw materials:

  • do not contain heavy metals or other additives harmful to soil or animals
  • have been produced with the smallest ecological footprint possible
  • are longer-lasting thanks to a much lower percentage of residual fat
  • have the highest nutrient content possible (protein, phosphorus, calcium, nitrogen, etc.)