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Porcine bone meal for fertilizer

Nutrient rich fertilizer for a better harvest

FAPRO’s MBM with its beautiful even golden color is a raw material that lends itself perfectly to the production of fertilizer. Our pork and bone meal contains four times less residual fat than other flours and is instead full of calcium, nitrogen and phosphorus, which ensure healthier crops and harvests.

  • Less prone to bacteria and mould infiltration;
  • Porcine bone meal has a two year shelf life;
  • No extra cooling needed for transport.

FAPRO attaches great importance to the circular economy. Our base products create better fertilizers, which in turn create better crops.

At FAPRO, our professionals are at work 24/7, even large and rush orders are delivered as fresh as possible.

FAPRO guarantees rich raw materials for your fertilizer, we don’t lose sight of the details in quality control or logistics.