Quality is what sets us apart

Highest quality MBM for feed, pet food and fertilizer

Own laboratory

FAPRO has its own quality control testing lab for MBM intended for (aqua)feed, pet food and fertilizer. The rendered fat for biofuel is also continuously monitored by in-house specialists. This enables us to:

  • quicker results, after 6 to 8 hours
  • have immediate results on hand
  • take immediate action for problem prevention and solutions


Constant quality control


  • Real time testing via PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technique;
  • Detection of residual pig DNA;
  • Absence of African Swine Fever.


  • Via EPM technology (Enrichment and Plating Method);
  • Detection of salmonella + E coli bacteria.


  • Via NIR technology (Near-InfraRed Analysis);
  • Measuring content percentages of protein, fat, ash, moisture and nitrogen.


  • Via NIR technology (Near-InfraRed Analysis);
  • Measurement of FFA (Free Fatty Acid) and iodine (via acid-base titrations).

Perfect traceability

FAPRO’s laboratory staff sample of every batch. Samples are coded and stored for 6 months. This enables perfect traceability. Visual and aromatic checks are carried out throughout the process on color, consistency and odour;  and measurements are taken of fat content, FFA and free fatty acids.

Upon delivery clients will receive a packing slip stating their particular sample code and batch number, load weight on departure, and the ID numbers of the truck and driver.

FCA (Food Chain Alliance)

Responsible production is a priority. We are going above and beyond. We are not only certified according to the guidelines for animal food production, but also according to the FCA quality assurance system (Food Chain Alliance) for the human food industry. Our FCA + ISCC certificates prove that FAPRO:

  • carries out the entire production process accurately and in a controlled manner
  • does thorough testing of all raw materials, intermediate products and end products
  • has laid down all procedures in SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • has trained all its employees for the work to be carried out
  • is proactive in pollution prevention