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Biofuel and sustainable kerosene from high-grade pork fat

Pig fat for sustainable biofuel

FAPRO renders pork products into high-quality fat for biochemical plants. Biofuel produced from animal fat can be processed directly into paraffin and fossil diesel. This cannot be done with biodiesel of vegetable origin.

FAPRO pork fat category 3 …

  • enables energy producers to produce biofuel from animal byproducts;
  • has a smaller ecological footprint than palm and rapeseed oils because less farmland is required to grow them;
  • results in biofuel from a sustainable production process that is part of a circular economy (from bone to fuel);
  • is not only suitable for the production of biofuel, but for shampoo and soap as well.

Animal fats have a much smaller ecological footprint than vegetable oils. They also don’t contain any harmful heavy metals or monocalcium phosphate.

The freshest possible product is guaranteed by 24/7 processing. High volume and rush orders are no problem.

High quality assurance thanks to in-house production, transport, logistics and quality management.

FAPRO pork fat for your business is worth its weight in gold

Use top quality pork fat for the production of your biodiesel. FAPRO expertly rendered pork fat is known for its beautiful golden color.

Benefits include:
  • neutral and natural aroma
  • no unpleasant odours emitted during biofuel production
  • solid state at room temperature
  • shelf life of minimum 6 months
  • collected, transported and processed in accordance with European Regulation (EU)142/2011.


Our Products