Pork fat and bone meal for biofuel, pet food, aqua feed and fertilizer.

High quality bone meal (MBM) and pork fat full of nutrients such as protein, calcium and phosphorus. No added antioxidants and up to 4 times less residual fat than the industry norm.

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Why our sustainable protein solutions let your business grow.

High quality pork fat for the production of alternative fuel. Can be processed directly into fossil diesel and kerosene. With a lower ecological footprint than those on a vegetable basis.

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From long shelf life animal feed and pet food without additives to biofuel

FAPRO processes (only) pig raw materials into

  • nutritious pork bone meal (MBM), which serve as a basis for (aqua)feed, pet food and fertiliser;
  • high quality pork fat for biodiesel, pet food and the biochemical industry.

MBM is an excellent source of animal protein and is rich in calcium and phosphorus which are essential nutrients for cats, dogs, chickens, shrimp and pigs. In addition, it is extremely useful for soil regeneration, in turn improving crop quality and yield. Pork fat is used to produce fossil-free diesel, paraffin, soap, shampoo and pet food.

Thanks to our innovative production process and hexane degreasing, our MBM contains up to 4 times less residual fat than the industry norm. Our product:

  • contain more nutrients
  • are free of additives and antioxidants
  • have a longer shelf life
  • excellent for long distance transport to warm, humid countries

Recognise our gold standard by the color

Our product stands out thanks to its rich golden color. Our unique process and the strict quality and safety standards both we and our suppliers uphold results in higher quality products that contain up to four times less residual fat than the market standard due to hexane degreasing. This means …

  • a higher concentration of nutrients
  • a reduced risk of germ and mould formation
  • a longer shelf life
  • simpler transport …

In short … “More value for your money”.

4 times less residual fat

This reduces oxidation and mould formation. Ideal for long distance transport to warm, humid regions.

No additives

No additives means higher concentrations of calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen, important for both animals and soil.


Circular revaluation of raw materials (bones) into green energy and nutrient-rich feed and pet food.

Ecological footprint

Animal proteins with a small ecological footprint, free of harmful heavy metals and monocalcium phosphate.

Round the clock

24/7 service ensures that bone and fat supplies are always processed into the freshest possible products within 24 hours of delivery.

A to Z

Everything is under one management hub, from production to transport and logistics, and quality control via our own lab.

Sustainable proteins for sustainable growth

Animal proteins are by nature a sustainable product, even their processing has a low ecological footprint. Animal proteins also make for a nutrient rich component of both animal food, feed and soil. FAPRO focuses on processing these raw materials with the highest quality in mind.


We are proud to be part of a circular economy. Made from animals, our products serve further down the chain as a basis for alternative fuels and feed for both animals and crops. Thanks to the superior quality of our products, no harmful additives or preservatives (antioxidants, heavy metals, or monocalcium phosphate) are used, which are toxic substances to livestock, wildlife, the environment and humans.

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Our quality is your success

At FAPRO, we manage everything ourselves. We oversee quality control from A to Z, including logistics and transport, which is also managed in house (ARNO). We comply with the highest standards of European Regulations (EU/142/2011) for safety and quality control by monitoring consistent samples in our own lab.

Thanks to our focus on quality and innovation, we no longer need to add harmful antioxidants to prolong the shelf life of our products. Because we guarantee only the highest standard of raw materials, our products contain higher levels of phosphorus and calcium. This allows chickens to produce eggs earlier and longer than with other feed.


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Global market

(mainly Belgium, Europe and Asia) Thanks to a reduction in fat(s), our products are ideal for long distance transport, even too hot and humid regions.


All in one management

In order to maintain quality standards, everything is managed under the same umbrella: production, control, logistics, transport.

Will you join us in our circular economy?

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