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Processed animal proteins for animal feed

PAP full of essential nutrients

PAP is an excellent source of animal protein and is rich in calcium and phosphorus, essential nutrients for chickens, among others animals.

By the beautiful golden color of our PAP, you can clearly see the attention to quality. However there is more, because our pork and bone meal contains four times less residual fat than other suppliers. Considerably more value for your money!

  • You will have considerably less to deal with in terms of germs and mould.
  • You can keep the pork bone meal for up to two years.
  • You do not need to provide extra cooling during transport.

Better yield for shrimp, chickens and pigs

With FAPRO your animals perform better. Thanks to the higher phosphorus and calcium content in feed made with PAP from FAPRO, young hens will begin laying eggs earlier, and continue to lay eggs later in life.

Feed based on FAPRO PAP also reduces shrimp and fish mortality rates. This is due to the lack of antioxidant additives in our product, something found in the flour of other feed types, used in order to increase shelf life.

Thanks to its smaller ecological footprint, locally processed animal proteins could provide a quarter of European feed.

Our teams work around the clock so that our products can be delivered as fresh as possible, worldwide.

We handle everything from production to transport and logistics, including quality management assured by our own lab (for every step of the process from point of production to your bay door).


Our Products

You are what you eat

The better your animals are fed, the tastier and more nutritious for us. Give your animals feed that is ecologically responsible and promotes their growth and development. With PAP from FAPRO you can always be sure of that.



Our PAP for animal feed is free of added antioxidants, unlike fishmeal to which ethoxyquin is added for long journeys → less chance of shrimp and fish deaths.


Our PAP for animal feed and chickenfeed is packed with highly digestible proteins, calcium, phosphorus, fats and micro-nutrients.


Our PAP is made of safe, veterinarian controlled Category 3 material that FAPRO processes through the strictest quality requirements.


Our PAP is a perfectly circular pig feed → pigs are omnivores and therefore not suitable for purely plant based feed.