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Protein-rich porcine bone meal for pet food and animal feed

Calcium and phosphorus for happy and healthy pets

Our pet food for cats and dogs is packed with animal protein, calcium, phosphorus and essential nutrients. MBM from FAPRO as a basis for pet food ensures healthy and happy pets.

The consistently rich golden color of FAPRO’s MBM is proof you have a high grade ingredient on your hands. After all, it contains four times less residual fat than flour from other origins!

  • Less prone to bacteria and mould spoilage
  • The bone meal has a two year shelf life
  • No extra cooling needed for transport

Part of the cost of other products is actually in the harmful additives used to increase shelf life. Not with MBM from FAPRO. More nutrients and value for your money!

Dogs, cats and pigs are carnivores by nature. Give them animal protein based pet food, creating a sustainable circular economy.

FAPRO also runs circular… around the clock. Large volumes or rush orders? Our production is active day and night, 24/7, no problem.

FAPRO manages production, transport, logistics and quality control all under one roof. This ensures complete traceability to guarantee food safety and quality.


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